Customizable Skin Care is Here!

(Photo Credit: Allure Magazine Online)

I have found over the years that searching for the perfect skin care product to be an overwhelming, arduous and expensive task.  I’ve never been interested in skin care products because I had mild acne as a teen and always used the extremely harsh products sold at the dermatologists’ offices.  You know, the kind that dries your skin out and creates a whole other slew of issues.

Only recently have I learned that skin care should be unique to every person, especially when you have a medical condition that causes acne, which no product can cure.  I grew up with the belief that all I had to do was follow steps 1, 2 and 3 as recommended by the dermatologist.  Now I know that I should pay close attention to what my skin is telling me and adjust my daily, monthly and annual routines accordingly.

I’m still a staunch supporter of all organic skin care products, but I think the idea of customizing your skin care product is really neat.  Each customer has their personal concerns and now there’s an opportunity to tackle all those issues in one product!

Read more about it below:

 The Cool New Japanese Line That Lets You Customize Your Skin Care: Daily Beauty Reporter: Daily Beauty Reporter:


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