What Is Face Serum, And How Does It Work?

Huffington Post published an article yesterday explaining how face serums work and why, although not necessary, it should be part of your daily skincare regimen.  Consider adding serum to your skincare routine being likened to taking daily multivitamins – you reap the benefits and the cons are virtually non-existent.

“Of course, the better condition your skin is in, the more amazing your makeup looks and wears throughout the day,” says Buckle. “It’s simple math — the less problems you have to cover, the less makeup you have to use. Serums help give your skin a fresher, younger and healthier appearance.”

My favorite serum that I absolutely cannot live without? Gustavo’s Anti-Aging Organic Eye Serum.  Its hydro-lift technology allows for the organic serum to be kept without an expiration date and keeps harmful chemical (also known as preservatives aka parebens) off of your body’s biggest organ – your skin.

Gustavo Eye Serum

I apply it twice a day (during morning and night-time skincare routines).  It gives me comfort to know that I’m being pro-active about steering myself toward anti-aging and organic products and, of course, wrinkle prevention.

Get out there and start using serums!  It’s never too late!

Read more at: What Is Face Serum, And How Does It Work?.


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